Community Engagement

Buru Energy's exploration and production activities are predominantly focused in the Canning Basin, meaning strong and sustainable relationships with the Kimberley community are central to our business. We seek to be a valued employer and to source as many of our goods and services as possible from local Kimberley businesses.

Over the past three years, ~18% of all goods and services have been sourced from Kimberley businesses and a further 72% have been sourced in Western Australia. It is only when goods and services are not available from local Kimberley businesses that we look outside the region to meet our requirements.

Approximately 40% of our employees are local people based in the Kimberley. As well as this, people employed indirectly on our projects such as truck drivers, earthmoving contractors and tradespeople are also Kimberley based.

We work closely with local landholders such as Traditional Owners and pastoralists to ensure our activities provide minimal disruption to landholders. We consult closely with landholders who may be affected by our activities and support independent advice for landholders, where requested.